How do I book a motorhome hire? 

You can send a booking request online and we will contact you within 24 hours, or you can phone our contact number for further information and to check availability. Rental is charged by the week or by a 3 day weekend unless you specially request a bespoke package. Upon booking you will need to pay a non-refundable booking deposit of £199.00. The full balance will need to be paid 3 weeks before collection. Payment card or bank transfer accepted. As insurance security you will be asked to leave a refundable security deposit of £500.00 upon collection. This acts as an insurance excess during your hire, and will be refunded provided that the vehicle is returned clean and undamaged as described in our terms and conditions. In the event of an insurance claim the cost of the damage or claim will be deducted from your deposit.

Is anybody eligible to drive the motorhome? 

Insurance can be provided for drivers between the ages of 25 and 75, who have held a full licence for a minimum 2 years. All our vehicles are under 3.5 tonnes so can be driven using a standard licence. 

Would you like to know more about our booking process?
Is it your first time hiring a motorhome?

We’ve put together our most frequently asked questions. If your question hasn’t been answered, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.
Is a UK driving licence required to drive the motorhome?

We can provide insurance for non-UK licence holders between the ages of 25 and 75. However, you won’t need a specific International Driving Licence. 

I have points on my license. Can I still drive the motorhome? 

Yes, but if you currently have more than 6 points we will need to refer you to our insurance underwriters. 

Does the cost of the hire include insurance?

Yes, you will be provided with fully comprehensive insurance.

  Can I take the motorhome abroad? 

Unfortunately European travel is not available.

When and where can I collect the motorhome? 

Our motorhomes are available for hire all year round. We recommend you book well in advance, particularly during busy periods.
The motorhomes are available for collection at the collection point in Ruislip, Middlesex at 15:00. Full week rentals start on Fridays or Saturdays subject to availability.

It must be returned by 11.00am on the day the hire period ceases unless prior alternative arrangements have been made. This ensures the motorhome is available for the next hire.
Failing to return the motorhome will incur a charge – the hourly hire rate or part thereof. There are no refunds for early return.

What safety equipment will be available to me? 

Our vehicles are fitted with the latest safety equipment, including seat belts on all designated passenger seats.
We provide a range of extra safety equipment as a part of our on board inventory such as a first aid kit, fire blanket, high visibility vest and warning triangle.
Do not over load the vehicle as this is an offence and also dangerous. Make sure that anything loaded is evenly balanced. 

Are they easy to drive? 

Even if you have never driven a motorhome before do not worry! Our motorhomes are easy to drive. Make the most of the comfortable, high driving position, build your confidence by driving steadily and look out for low hanging branches! All of our motor homes combine the latest technologies with comfort and practical design. 

How/where can I park it? 

Due to the size of our motorhomes, when parking you need to ensure that you have enough space around you to manoeuvre the vehicle easily. Make use of the well placed mirrors and parking sensors and try to avoid busy areas until you become more proficient.
Supermarket car parks are often ideal as they are large and usually in a convenient location – remember that motorhomes cannot be parked in multi-story car parks and are generally not allowed to remain in car parks over night.

What fuel do they run on? 

Our motorhomes run on Diesel fuel. A full tank will be provided on collection and you must return the vehicle with a full tank. Failure to return the vehicle with a full tank means that the additional fuel required to fill the tank will be charged at 25% above current forecourt prices. 

What is provided, what should I take?

We provide a range of crockery, cutlery and utensils for you to use along with a range of safety equipment. You will need to provide your own bedding such as pillows and sleeping bags, washing up liquid and extra toilet rolls! Make sure you have taken out travel insurance to cover you in the event that you lose or damage any of your personal possessions - New Adventure will not be held responsible for any loss/damage of this nature.

Can I take a pet?

Unfortunately New Adventure have a strict no pets policy.

How many seat belts does the motorhome have?

Our 4 berth motorhomes have 4 seat belts. Two belted front seats and two belted rear seats.

Do you have any automatic vehicles?

No, all of our vehicles have manual transmission.

What documents will I need when collecting my motorhome?
  • Full valid license (Both the plastic photo card which should be in date, and your DVLA online code to allow us to check valid and any endorsements - more information here)

  • Passport (for non-UK nationals)

  • 2 proofs of address such as utility bills less than 2 months old with current address (matching that displayed on your licence)

When will my security deposit be refunded?

Your security deposit will be refunded 72hrs from the return date of the vehicle. This time period may be longer if the motorhome has been damaged.

Do you offer collision damage waiver or excess insurance?

Unfortunately we do not provide the ability to reduce or remove your liability to pay our insurance excess of £500 as outlined in the terms and conditions. Please also note that where you have a third party insurance policy to cover such an excess, we still require our excess to be paid be the hirer in full on return should such damage/loss be incurred.

What on board facilities are there and how should I use them?


The motorhomes are fitted with an onboard water tank. This will last for around 2-3 days but the easily visible gauges on board will allow you to see how much water is left and when the tank needs refilling. You will be able to fill up at petrol stations and camp sites. There is also a grey water tank and this will need to be emptied when you fill up with fresh water.


Toilet/ shower room
The cassette toilet has an electric flush and the chemicals required to keep it clean and fresh are provided. The toilet has a 
separate cartridge which needs to be emptied into an appropriate disposal point which you will find on campsites. Please empty and clean the toilet before return. Failure to do so will result in a charge of £50.00.
The shower rooms in our motorhomes are larger than average and as well as the cassette toilet, sink and shower, contain a useful storage locker.

All of our motorhomes are fitted with a refrigerator in the kitchen area. If the engine is off for long periods or you are not plugged into the mains power at a campsite, turn the refrigerator off. The high level of insulation will keep food cold for approximately 2-3 hour. 

Can I leave my car at the collection point?

Yes, you can leave your car at our collection point free of charge. But it will be left at your own risk. 

Do the motorhomes have TV's?

Yes a TV/DVD player is fitted to your motorhome. 

How should we plan our holiday?

It is best to plan your route before you leave and as all of our motorhomes have satellite navigation finding your destinations will be made easy! Where possible book campsites in advance and make sure they have the practical facilities you require, such as power, water and waste disposal facilities. Look at our links page which may help you plan your journey and choose campsites. 

Is the gas supplied?

Yes, 1 full LPG refillable gas bottle is provided, any additional refills will be down to you. However, your motorhome will not need to be returned with full gas.
A full bottle can last for seven days or longer during summer months.